Pardon Our Progress

“Pardon our Dust.”

You have seen these signs at construction sites and on roadways. We lived through the construction of the new highway 303. Now it is open and life is easier. Then it was the rerouting of traffic away from the intersection of Bell Road and Grand (to construct a new Bell Road overpass). Now that is finished.

“Pardon our Progress.”

Our new Worship Minister has been on the job here for 6-weeks. He has begun leading our Traditional Service and did a superb job. Now he is leading all three services (with different music programing, teams and styles). As with every construction project, some will be patient knowing “this too will pass” and some will be not-so-patient. New people have come because they see the progress and some have gone. Hopefully, some of those will return when the construction is completed.

Our church is preparing for more and better things. We are growing and offerings are keeping pace with the many new faces we are seeing. If you haven’t seen some of your friends, they are likely in one of the other services. I try to encourage our members to try all of our different services so they will know what each offers. That way, when you meet new people in the community, you will know which might be the best service to invite them to check out. Each service has its own “feel.”

If you see our new Worship Minister running by on his way to another service that he needs to lead, say a prayer for him; be forgiving if he looks distracted and doesn’t stop to talk. You might want to buy him a gift card to some restaurant…(he is skinny and needs to be fed). Plus, I have gained 20-pounds since I have been in this church because so many of you feed me. I think John should feel your love too as we pack the pounds on him together. Ha!

God is blessing us! I just wanted to share these things with you.


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